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Klumb, KS Energy see results, impact support has on KWW/CF

Company will be top sponsor at this year’s golf outing

As a major contractor in the industry, KS Energy understands the need that exists during Wisconsin’s frigid winters and humid summers. With thousands of people unable to afford their utility bills throughout the year, the New Berlin-based company has remained eager to lend its support in any way possible.

When Dennis Klumb Jr., the company’s president and CEO, saw the direct impact and reach that the Keep Wisconsin Warm/Cool Fund a decade ago, he was quick to get on board.

“The beauty of (the KWW/CF) is that you see where your money is going, and that’s helping families in need,” Klumb said. “When you support an organization like the KWW/CF, you’re directly helping families in need.

“It’s easy to get behind an organization like the KWW/CF when you can see the direct impact that it makes.”

With the KWW/CF hitting the ground running in 1996 and growing to raise more than $30 million and help more than 90,000 households in crisis, Klumb has continuously furthered his backing of the organization.

“KS Energy is a perfect example of a company that really has a sense and a will of giving back, especially to those in need,” KWW/CF Executive Director Tim Bruer said.

“They particularly appreciate rare charities like ours, where you can see the direct impact throughout every zip code in Wisconsin. That impact is the benefit of their generosity and support.”

This year, KS Energy is the top sponsor of the KWW/CF annual golf outing, along with Madison Gas and Electric. It’s something Klumb said he made a point of doing.

“We took on the main sponsorship role of the event because it’s extremely important to us,” Klumb said. “It looks to help those less fortunate, especially our military people and seniors. It’s an easy cause to get behind and support as an organization.

“We believe what they’re looking to do; for us, this is a no-brainer to get behind.”

A past board member of many trade organizations and a long-standing advocate of various charities, Klumb brings more than just monetary support. The assistance that KS Energy, which provides construction and maintenance services to some of the state’s largest public service companies, offers also raises the credibility of the KWW/CF.

“Their support of our mission purpose continues to open doors with other companies throughout the state; it’s resulted in greater support from their peers,” Bruer said.


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