“I received your letter today about depositing $250 in Power & Light Co. for me. My son was just in intensive care...the hospital bill was $4,000… So your kindness is such a boost. We have always been a hardworking family, but this illness was really unforeseen. Thank you again. I have never been behind on a bill. Now I’m way ahead.” — A Wisconsin family in need

The Hard Numbers

Some people ask us, “What about the $3 per year charge on my utility bill?” That $3 is a state public benefits charge. It was designed to augment declining Federal home energy assistance funds. It was part of the electric deregulation bill in 2007. The bill provided dollars for energy efficiency, home weatherization and energy assistance. Unfortunately, most of the money went to energy conservation and weatherization — very little went for keeping utilities and heat on.

Volunteer Your Time

If you wish to volunteer for a number of different special community program outreach, Keep Wisconsin Warm/Cool Fund, or Heat And Housing For Heroes events, please call