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**The deadline for submitting pre-applications for the WRAP assistance program has passed, effective 5:00 pm on Thursday, November 19th. WRAP pre-applications submitted prior to this expiration time are currently being considered until Sunday, November 22nd. As was indicated earlier on wrap.help, funding and time availability were extremely limited for this program.

In collaboration with the Division of Energy, Housing and Community Resources (DECHR), Wisconsin Community Action Program Association (WisCAP), South Central Community Action Agency, and others, Energy Services, Inc. is proud to be part of the Wisconsin Rental Assistance Program (WRAP). WRAP provides critical financial assistance to those economically affected by the COVID19 pandemic.


How can WRAP help?

• Provide up to $1,000 per month for rent paid directly to landlord. Eligible expenses include rent, back rent, security deposit, and first month’s rent.
• Provide up to 3 months with a $3,000 program maximum assistance.

Do I qualify?
If you answer YES to all of the following, we encourage you to apply for assistance:
• I pay rent where I live and I have a current lease/agreement with a landlord; or I am being evicted from a rental property and am seeking a place to live that requires rent and/or a security deposit.
• I have been directly financially impacted due to COVID-19 and delinquent with my rent payments.
• I am not receiving any public housing assistance funding (such as Section 8 assistance or a Housing Choice Voucher).
• I live in Dane, Jefferson, or Waukesha county served by Energy Services Inc.
• My household’s gross monthly income is at or below 80% of my county median income based on my household size. INCOME GUIDELINES listed below.
Eligibility Guidelines
• Wisconsin resident with a household income at or below 80% of the county median income (CMI) in the month of, or prior to, the application date (see INCOME GUIDELINES charts below)
• 18 years of age or older with a valid social security number
• included on the rental lease
• NOT at an existing recipient of government support housing (i.e. public housing, HUD/HUD Vash, or Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher)


Income Guidelines

Dane County 
W.R.A.P. 80% County Median Income

Household Size Annual Income
1 $54,950
2 $62,800
3 $70,650
4 $78,500
5 $84,800
6 $91,100
7 $97,350
8 $103,650
9 $109,900


Jefferson County 
W.R.A.P. 80% County Median Income

Household Size Annual Income
1 $42,950
2 $49,050
3 $55,200
4 $61,300
5 $66,250
6 $71,150
7 $76,050
8 $80,950
9 $85,800


Waukesha County 
W.R.A.P. 80% County Median Income

Household Size Annual Income
1 $46,960
2 $53,650
3 $60,350
4 $67,050
5 $72,450
6 $77,800
7 $83,150
8 $88,550
9 $93,850
For more information please call ESI at 800-506-5596 or email support@wrap.help