Keep Wisconsin Warm/Cool Fund

The Keep Wisconsin Warm/Cool Fund is a statewide non-profit charity that assists low-income households who cannot afford to pay their energy bills. In the face of the growing unmet need, existing resources on the decline cannot begin to help those who are facing life-threatening energy emergencies. During this difficult time, now more than ever, KWW/CF is committed to expanding its efforts to raise public awareness of the energy crises that are being faced by thousands of Wisconsinites.

KWW/CF is recognized as a national model for the delivery of services by energy emergency charities, but there is also no place in the country that has seen the cross-section of support that KWW/CF has from neighbors, family, friends, agency officials, utilities, insurance and medical providers, clergy and others who have made such a difference.

KWW/CF also takes particular pride in its ability to reach out to Wisconsin’s most hidden and isolated poor whose pride is a major barrier to asking for help. Uniquely, KWW/CF provided direct series as well as much needed financial help to those most in need in every community in the state.

Because of the tireless dedication of its tremendous voluntary agencies and supporters, KWW/CF is able to target 95 cents of every dollar contributed directly to those households that need it most.

Did you know…

KWW/CF Quick Facts:

1. The

Keep Wisconsin Warm/Cool Fund (KWW/CF), founded in 1996, is a statewide nonprofit charity that assists low-income households who cannot afford to pay their energy bills.

2. 69,400 households in crisis have been assisted by more than $18.6 million. You are making a difference one dollar, one senior, and one family in crisis at a time.

3. Ninety-five cents of every dollar contributed goes directly towards helping those most in need.

4. KWW/CF leverages resources through a unique state challenge to Wisconsinites that matches donations from private donors and businesses two to one.

5. KWW/CF partners with local county agencies that assist low-income households by arranging more affordable payment plans, offering budget counseling, and teaching ways to conserve energy.

Throughout the year, KWW/CF hosts different fundraiser throughout the state, to raise money and awareness. For more information on our various events, or how you to can make a difference please visit: or or you can call 1(800)891-9276.